• kris
    October 2nd

    If you haven’t popped into the SKYLMT webstore on the new site you might have missed some rad new stuff. The key chains that have been floating around for a while are up for grabs along with the new SKYLMT Grip. Hit the store for more. That grip is too clean!



    March 22nd

    Yes. I still have a ton of photos I haven’t posted from NAHBS haha. Between working, planning some events and working some more I’ve been getting bogged down. NAHBS flicks will be finished up this week so peep what’s left! Here’s some shots of the Brooks stuff that was on display at the show. Lots of colored saddles and accessories on display this year for those trying to get a specific color scheme worked out. The tan leather is pretty classy looking and a nice alternative to the darker brown or black that most people go with when buying Brooks saddles. My favorite was the super dope bag below… wish I ended up with more photos and gotten a closer look at that thing. So fresh!

    March 8th

    Holy wow…this dude rips! Lots of barspins in here but a lot of nice techy stuff too. Seriously just got me stoked to go ride. Really dig this one!