• kris
    February 23rd

    Got a case of the Mondays? Ride along with some of the messenger dudes down under on a rather rad looking pre CMWC group ride. Cool to see people everyone getting into the groove for this years Cycle Messenger World Championships…and having a damn good time!


    December 16th

    My good friends Rad (yes, that is is birth name) asked me to tag along this weekend for some MTB trail riding. Aside from riding my FGFS bike on the relatively flat river trails here in Sacramento it a whole new animal for me. I realized two things while cruising the hill of Hidden Falls this past Sunday. 1) Climbing is a pain in the ass. 2) Mountain bikes are fun. Not running out to buy one anytime soon but hell I wouldn’t mind having one!



    October 29th

    What’s better than a sack full of candy this Halloween? Beer obviously. You can bet if I lived in the San Francisco I’d be at this Chrome Halloween ride tonight. Meet up at the Hub store on 4th street between 6 and 7, head out for some brews and a chance to win a custom bag in the costume contest. Sound like a solid Tuesday night to me. Hit the Facebook event page for more details!

    August 24th

    Oh man. Everything I see from Factory 5 is making me like them more and more. I found their frames and posted them a couple days ago then they drop this. Super cool riding edit. Creative angles and editing plus some groovy tunes and a massive ride on the freeway at the end. Just good vibes all around with this one! So dig this and a perfect segway into the weekend.

    February 20th

    Check 1:23 in this fun group ride video…some smooth bike control right there! Thailand is looking pretty poppin right now. Wouldn’t mind a trip out that wayyy.

    August 25th

    Really want to get a nice group ride together here in Sac soon! Always a god time when there’s a good turnout. Let’s do this.

    December 31st

    Tell me this doenst look fun. A mob of santas leading a ride through tokyo? Haha. Id have been into something like this for sure. Really hope to experience the Tokyo bike scene in person one day (I looked at tickets yesterday…itll be a while haha).

    November 23rd

    I remember when we used to do this in Sac every friday…cruise the streets with s good sized group, grab some food and have some drinks. Good conversations had back then. Love seeing videos like this just for that reason…well and too see what everyone else in the world is up to! Stay on Quixofixed to keep up with these peeps.