• kris
    July 11th

    Robert is always changing up the front ends on his rides and this recent swap to a Kinesis on his GTB looks pretty fly. About to bounce out for a ride so drool on this for a bit!


    June 12th

    Pretty sure this is a GTB judging by the fork but regardless it looks like a super fun ride. Always been a sucker for older GTs but then again who hasn’t? Spotted on Rodrigo’s flickr!



    April 26th

    It seems like every time I stop by Pedal Hard it seems like Robbie has something new to play with. He likes nice bikes and somehow finds super good deals on some of the sickest stuff like this GTB. He threw some parts off his LOW and from around the shop on this 15 year old ride and it looks pretty damn clean. Rode it around a bit yesterday and it rides just as good as it looks. And no. Its not a Gutterball. Click through for a little iphone gallery of this beast.


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    September 13th

    Not really a fan, but its only $700

    June 23rd


    Cinelli Vigorelli it’s a 56 and bidding is at only $250

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