• kris
    October 22nd

    Dave delivers again with some rad flicks better than your average bear. Good to see some Jakob Santos shots with him being real busy with his recently opened SKYLMT skate shop out in Oaklandia. Loving that waver rider of Gus looking too wild…click over for a bit more freestyle goodness.



    May 21st

    Haven’t been posting too much on publications lately which will be changing. I just went through this issue of CYKLEN and was pretty impressed by the variety of content from messenger interview to a bit with Gus Molina. Dig this fence stall bit in his interview and Garret Chow’s pink and silver SWorks is too fucking rad looking. Have to click over for the rest of the goods!



    December 3rd

    Looks like Zane just made this Burro commercial for CFTY public. If you’ve seen the video you’ve seen this…check it anyway. Some pretty solid branding with the good vibes and familiar faces in the mix.


    November 28th

    Oh hell yesss. If you haven’t seen Can’t Fool The Youth this is your man Gus’ part. Always dig watching him ride anddd you can catch him on the roadtrip in the spring as well. This is a good way to start the day!

    October 15th

    This is hands down one of the coolest photos I’ve seen in a while. Dave and Gus are a power team finding some of the sickest spots off the beaten path and getting nice flick at them. I want this framed and signed on my wall haha. Dig it. Check the whole set on Recfail for more goodies!

    September 30th

    If you know me at all you know I love the footplant. Every variation. Ha. This one from Dave via Recfail of Gus has me pretty stoked. Cool angle at a cool spot of one of the coolest dudes in the game. Gusmo showing you how its done in the deep end.