• kris
    May 31st

    Really dig this series from Gusmo. Volume six has Joe, Congo and Gus hitting some chill spots and dropping some nice moves. Always going to love those nose bonk 180s. Can’t wait for the next one dudes.

    March 19th

    Gus Mo just posted this one up of the Woodward weekend that just went down. Looks like so much fun I’m bummed I didn’t make it. Some serio0usly good stuff in this. Watch it. Love it.

    November 9th

    Some fun stuff here from Gusmo. Not so serious. Like it should be!

    June 24th

    Here’s a few fresh flicks from Beard’s bloggy. I’ve always dig his photos…they’re just that good. Gusmo is slaying it in these as usual. Love me some puppies too haha.

    June 13th

    Gus is one of my favorite fixed gear people. He does stuff like this. Torey makes sure to catch it.

    January 31st

    Matt just posted the first edit from his series documenting the SE road trip in Arizona. He followed Boothby, Gus, DJ, Marwin and Dave Beard around with his cameras making sure we see it all. Stay on him for another 4 edits this week and a recap on monday. Looks like a solid time!

    December 13th

    Gus threw down some of the sickest stuff on the Cultur trip this summer and this little piece has been a long time coming. Dudes a solid rider and an even better personality. Feebs to nose manny and the pipe ride are real pretty. That ender had me cracking a bit too. Sick stuff Gusmo!