• kris
    July 31st

    Today is the last day to enter the @gutterbutterwax x @lockedcog #stayonyogrind instagram contest. Had a bunch of real good photos go up so far so I picked a few of my favorites below. If you’re trying to get in on this you have until midnight tonight to post one up. Post a grind photo, mention us and you might win a 3 month supply of wax, couple tees and some sticker/button packs from Gutter Butter and I. #stayonyogrind






    July 24th

    Teamed up with the homie Nick of Gutter Butter to bring all the freestyle heads a little contest. Details on the flyer below but pretty much post a shot of you or someone doing a grind and follow/mention @gutterbutter @lockedcog & #stayonyogrind. We’ll pick a winner on July 31st and they’ll have three bricks of Gutter Butter, two tees and a couple of button/sticker packs headed their way. Get creative…


    May 20th

    Support the grassroots stuff and swoop one of these Gutter Butter sticker packs. Nicks been on it lately upping all sorts of stuff. Hop over to their store to check some shirts and of course some of that slick stuff.


    March 13th

    Revisiting old footage sometime ends up with something like this. Haven’t seen anything from Nick for a while so even if this is a year and a half old its welcomed. He’s a rad dude and definitely has come a ways since this was shot. Bars were on lockkk though. Hit Gutter Butter for some goods as well…its legit.