• kris
    October 15th

    Yet another rad set of photos from the Hammer Down exclusives from Jason Sellers. Elliott Milner with a double peg this time that I’m sure was linked in with some other tricks. Hit HmmrDwn for more.



    September 24th

    Looks like Hammer Down got the hook up from Jason Sellers on some exclusive photos. They’ll be releasing some rad shots every Monday from Jason’s trip to Southern California. Not hard to get good shots like this when you’re out shooting with Elliott Milner…and of course Jason’s a beast behind the lens. More on HmmrDwn!



    August 15th

    In case you hadn’t heard there’s a new blog in town. Made up of some of the bigger names in FGFS Hammer Down will surely be making moves. Check this first edit of Elliott Milner ruling the park. Style so smooth and too many tricks on lock. Tooth overs like its nothing.