• kris
    March 8th

    When you walk into a bike show and you see a DeLorean you’re naturally going to be drawn to it. But when you arrive to see awesome hand built bikes, one adorned with damn Liger!, you aren’t disappointed Mcfly isn’t kicking it at the setup. Sarto definitely had one of the most elaborate and sick displays at NAHBS this year. Definitely some fine craftsmanship from these guys coming all the way from Italy. Check the video below for info on their “super custom” bikes and how they’re made…sick stuff!

    March 7th

    This was one of my favorites at the show this past weekend. Loving the green that Vendetta chose to go with and the detailing on this is super sick. That stem/bar combo…though a bit common on handmade pieces…looks real nice! The build was finished off with some stellar track parts to keep it as classy as those hand painted lines. Check the Vendetta gallery for more!

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    October 7th

    Destroy is getting it done right now! Some sick tricks and a nice look at what goes on with the dudes every day. Check ’em out and buy some shit!

    September 15th

    My buddy Alex sent this out yesterday. Since he didn’t give me the exclusive like he should have I waited to post it. Kidding kidding…been sick so sleep happened right after work. Anywho, I rode this beast last weekend on our SF trip and it feel so soooo solid. No pun intended. He was riding pretty hard on it all weekend and it seemed to be holding up just fine. Solid isn’t going to be making anymore of these frames. It isn’t a prototype but actually a one off for Alex. A damn good one.

    Tons of flicks and specs below!

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    May 23rd

    I posted the trailer for this piece about Pops Fabrication last week…peep the full version that just went up!