• kris
    May 17th

    1,900 km on a track bike is no easy feat but then again what Hardbrakers trip is ever a walk in the park. Follow the dudes on their ten day journey from Lisbon to Marrakesh with the full release May 26th and be sure to check out more of their epic rides for some summer adventure stoke…



    “United by the common love for fast cycling with one gear only, the Hardbrakers hit the road yearly since 2012 for a mostly two-week “Grandtour”. Driven by wanderlust and longing for adventure they went from Lisbon to Marrakech in 2014. 1.900 km in 10 days on track bikes. Limits were tested and overcome. Countless tires were changed. The crew sweated in the desert sun and killed mile after mile. A sense of freedom. Regardless if in the desert, mountains, cities, on dirt roads or highways: one gear fits all!”




    August 5th

    New stuff from the Hardbrakers as they team up with Xcionkax for their upcoming Tour kits. Always good stuff from these dudes so definitely worth the wait!


    July 12th

    After a couple years in the making the Hardbrakers are finally ready to share their most epic bike adventure with the world. It’s no joke taking on the 1000+ mile journey from Budapest to Istanbul but it sure looks worth every crank turn. Sit back, crack a cold one and grab a little inspiration from the Hardbrakers!



    April 21st

    At this year’s Fixed Days the Rad Race crew set up a hell of an indoor elimination race. A cool course and some good racing made for some proper video like this one from the Hardbrakers. Hoping this cart track racing catches on a bit…looks damn fun.



    December 17th

    An epic looking event from the Harbrakers crew out of Germany. What better way to wrap up some goldsprints and a video premiere than with a wild party? Wild.



    June 27th

    Dig seeing stuff like this Hardbrakers bit from the recent Pankt Saulopoly event. Looks like the track bike scene here in the states a few years back. I can’t remember the last time I saw people playing footdown haha. More on the event over at HB!