• kris
    August 31st

    Oh man this is way too good. Glad John posted this Fairdale piece up right before the weekend. Super good vibes and some good shots of Ryan Worcester cruising Maui. The Weekender is a perfect name for this ride!

    After seeing this I looked up some of his old BMX stuff and found his section from Transcend in 2004. So mush of whats in this reminds me of FGFS right now. A lot of the same tricks and style for sure. So sick.

    June 20th

    Caught this up on TTV this morning and was pretty stoked. There’s just something about watching riding in Hawaii that is sick. The weather there and the tropical plants in the background of the shots make me wish I was out there! I remember watching David’s last edit and wanting to be out on the islands ha. This ones got some funny clips and good spots in it…especially that down pad at 0:36.

    Hilo High / David Jay from David Jay on Vimeo.

    May 24th

    Some sick skate stuff from the homies at Aloha Fixed. This seriously just got me stoked and up to go pick up a fresh deck and wheels tomorrow. Looks like a skateboard kind of weekend is in store…in between riding of course.

    May 22nd

    Haven’t seen anything from Hawaii in a while! Some cool spots and that perfect Hawaiian weather in this one. I was supposed to be out there in July but it looks like its not going down…I’ll have to live through videos like this! Haha.

    March 21st

    Ryan from Aloha Fixed bringing us some Hawaii polo action. I should be heading out that way this summer so hopefully I can meet up with some of these dudes! Dig this duder.

    July 21st

    Man do I miss Hawaii. Haven’t been in like 5 years but does it looks pleasant as ever in this. Aloha Fixed sourcing me some god vibes this morning.

    June 22nd

    Totally weird seeing this when I got on this morning. Last night as I was falling asleep (or dreaming?) I was thinking about how bad I want to go back to Hawaii. Its been like 6 years and I want to jump back over there with my bike for a bit. Just looks perfect. Stoked on a fresh Aloha Sunday video and that Aloha Fixed is still alive and well.

    December 29th

    Real good section form Tanner for Aloha Fixed‘s 290ed. Haven’t seen much from him lately but obviously he’s still killing it. Looks like his bike got stolen so he’s got nothing to roll on so if you’re up for helping him out email the dudes!

    December 10th

    I was waiting for this to drop yesterday after reading up on the Aloha Fixed Twitter. Looks like it went live just after i left work. Anywho, such a cool video and a great way to introduced Aloha Fixed‘s 290 peoject. Cant wait for the rest of the sections!

    October 19th

    Hopefully ill stop posting stuff thats already been around for a minute sometime tomorrow…i just missed out on a lot of stuff being away from the comp. Like this Aloha Fixed edit of some Bootleg stuff!