• kris
    August 17th

    Brook‘s steps a tad further away from their saddle roots with a new project featuring two modern helmet designs. The Harrier will come in at $200 but is damn clean and my favorite of the two. You can keep your head clear for 50 bucks less when you pre-order the stylish and urban tested Island. Definitely a good move for Brooks on these…pop over for the whole project rundown!



    HARRIER | MSRP $200


    Immagini 769

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    March 20th

    Doesn’t get much more official than this! Red Hook should be insanity this year…swoop here!



    January 23rd

    This bit with Juliet popped into my box a couple days ago. Looks like she helped Met out with a little video and it came out real nice. Dig the black and white and the mix of shots is pretty good. Night rides like this are always sick…though probably to some different tunes. Good vibes though.

    January 14th

    Well this is something hard to get done I’m sure…a team issue helmet from Lazer. State seems to be doing well these days and coming out with some pretty rad stuff. The light feature on the back of these, though many might not dig it, is still pretty cool. For their market I’m sure that will be a solid selling point. Check them right hereee