• kris
    August 8th

    Faster Than Yesterday recently sent over their uber comfy and aptly named “Debut” Merino pocket tees to give a go. New shirts in the rotation meant two of us checking out their fit both on the work bikes and after hours around town. Peep the quick rundown below on what we liked and be sure to stay tuned for a little collabo with Chris and Sav here soon!





    The Debut has the perfect cut for a slim look that won’t disappoint as the days miles pile up. Where some wool can be a tad stiff, this bad boy comes with an anti-chafe rear collar and elastic overlock stitched collars to keep it moving as fast as you do.





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    August 30th

    My lack of of posts the last few days are due to my being out of town…SF Friday and Saturday then Santa Rosa last night and today. Rode with a good amount of people, went to a crackin party and watched Lunchbox dent someones floor doing front flips and watched a cop drive straight over a 5 foot tall concrete dome then drive off in embarrassment.

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