• kris
    March 3rd

    Torey’s got some fresh jams up for sale…im likin this!

    February 8th

    Watch it! I dig video interviews. Im feeling that shot of Torey that Andy used too…haha. Get wrahw!

    January 14th



    If you havent been getting Wrahw…you should.

    January 10th

    I love these…and this looks sooo clean on a rail. Theres a bit of a controversy between running pegs or not running pegs thats been around for a while. I borrowed a bike recently and threw a plastic peg on there to give it a go. Aside from the ability to grind just about anything and how smooth plastic slides on metal…there wasnt any real advantage as far as ease, not to mention you dont get to hear the sweet sound of metal on metal. Torey has these proper for sure…keep up on WRAHW for more goods.

    December 10th

    I dig this. Cool seeing people be real…candy is tasty.

    Stay on WRAHW.

    December 2nd

    Goodness. Wheelie 180s are poppin more and more these days. Good stuff mr man.

    October 29th

    Like ive been saying…im way stoked on this project. I have a feeling this is going to blow everything out of the water for a bit. Peep the new Revival site and read up on some rider bios.


    August 12th

    Damn. Dude. Check WRHAW for some more good stuff!

    August 10th

    Rainbow duck. That should certainly be a title of a movie…like a duck that changes colors like a chameleon…getting into all kinds of mischief in the city. “Rainbow Duck Goes to the City”.

    August 4th

    Torey’s built up “The Take” frame. Omniums, G6000’s and mad gussets. This thing looks so solid.