• kris
    December 16th

    80kmh on a track bike is far from easy and even more so without anyone up front cutting the wind. Leader’s Brian Safa recently took on the challenge descending into Tlayacapan near his current locale in central Mexico. Looks like some rad scenery all anround and I couldn’t agree more with his reasons for picking the spot. Keep up with the cool stuff he does down south over on his bloggy


    If you’re unfamiliar with Mr. Safa peep this interview on Jambi-Jambi!


    June 22nd

    I know the dudes at sMc have been working on/talking about this for some time so I’m stoked to see them still dropping stuff for their “classic” video. How about instead of it “hopefully” being out by the end of summer you make sure it drops! I know quite a few people would be stoked to another roots based fixed riding flick. Stay on sMc for updates and the like.