• kris
    May 29th

    A few months back Westley from 1.61 hit me up about his fresh handmade leather goodies. After perusing his online store I was stoked for him to be interested in featuring something on the site. I went ahead and picked up one of his hip pouches and immediately began to put the little guy to the test. Once you have this thing in your hands you begin to see all the detail he puts into his products. Click through for a bunch of pics and the full review!

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    March 29th

    Brian from 19Tooth shot this cool news over to me. Their Kanggoo hip pouch will be coming out next month and it’s looking mighty fine. Seems to hold a ton, made of 16000d polyester and apparently the strap adjusts enough to wear as a shoulder bag! Pretty dope.

    March 9th

    Naturally I had to migrate over to Burro once I got to NAHBS this year. Being that they were the only “fixed freestyle” associated brand there for the most part I needed to see what their setup looked like. There was a nice collection of their bags and straps on display in once of the coolest little layouts. Seriously some of the closest attention to detail at the whole show…bones, candles, sacks and crates. It all looked so proper! They had essentially anything you need as far as bags. Hip pouches, messenger bags, backpacks, rucksacks. It was all there for you to drool over. Really might have to nab me one of those beer holsters! Haha. There’s a bunch more flicks below so click through then head to Burro’s spot to grab some gear!

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    October 15th

    super fluo italian concept

    The name super fluo italian concept might sound familiar to you, that’s because earlier this summer we posted some stuff about there frames. Read More….