• kris
    August 18th

    This may have been posted somewhere before…oh well! What i do know is that ive spent the better part of the past hour looking at Oldbike.eu and all the history available to take in. Vintage rides from as far back as the 1860s, catalogs complete with telegraph codes for ordering and a nice bit on bicycle history. There’s such a mass amount of interesting photos and information that you could easily spend the better part of a day looking through it. For each post there is a good bit of info on the bikes and their features…diagrams and instructions are included in some of the post in addition to photos. It was hard picking only a few things to post here (havent looked through it all yet either!) but some of my favorites are below…

    Pages from a 1917 Iver Johnson and 1907 Royal Enfield catalog. There’s a bunch of other brands up on there as well.

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    April 14th

    Jim Kellett uploaded a few new excerpts from his documentary Victorian Cycles: Wheels of Change. Documentaries are one of my favorite things to kill some time with. So much relatively useless yet real interesting information to be had by them. Why not spend the afternoon learning about things like penny farthings? I posted a few of the segments below…but there are a ton more on his vimeo that hes been uploading for some time now.

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