• kris
    August 26th

    Awesome visuals in this track bike adaptation of Tron’s Light Cycles on the streets of Hong Kong. Definitely well done!


    March 29th

    Just caught these flicks from Angu Sung‘s trip to Hong Kong on his flickr. Some cool shot of Chu and K Birddie right here. Angu has plans for all his shots from his trip in the way of making a photo book. Always sick to see what people got into on trip around the world. Stay on his blog for updates!

    March 22nd

    Well you know these dudes are having a good time on the streets of Hong Kong. This is a really cool crew video! Some super sick bikes in there…plus the thing was shot and edit nicely. Just a fun piece all around. Dig it.

    March 7th

    Oh how I want to go to Hong Kong. Some cool city shots in here and a little polo action. Asia is just calling me lately…need to plan a trip and meet some bike people around the world!

    February 21st

    Some really fresh shots straight from Hong Kong right here. Not seeing too many super long shots these so I’m stoked on this little bit. Looks so rad being able to see a whole city scene with someone cruising through it. Dope!

    June 20th

    This dude’s smooth on that BB17 for sure. A lot of people are coming out with a first video piece that’s looking real good. Dig it. Feel like we’re traveling all around Asia with these videos today!

    August 30th

    We don’t really get anyone around here that lives in Hong Kong or who could attend this, but hell the flyer really kicks ass. It reminds me of the all your base are belong to use meme that was so popular back in the early 00’s

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