• Chris Yang
    February 22nd

    Last week I was glad to have an opportunity to snap some shots on a great Low build of my HK friend Anson Kan, who’s also a great fixed gear cyclist! There were so many dope things and details on this Low Track Standard. For me, I always love to see the way riders put their stickers on the bike. Good to see those stickers like No Garmin No Rules, Mash, TCB Courier, The Heavy Pedal, Cadence, Prolly Is Not Probably, and so forth! The build was even more incredible too…two sick ass ENVE Classic 65 and 45 wheels laced with top-rated Phil Wood hubs. Seen so many 44rn chainrings but this one looked so good with Sugino 75 and orange Sugino screws for matching the frame color! What caught my attention most was the great “Lucas Brunelle” signature on the frame! Damn~~~The devil is in the detail~~check out the photos of this awesome, speechless Low bike!


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