• kris
    May 25th

    All-City‘s tried and true Sheriff hubs got a bit of a revamp recently. The new Sheriff SL retains the classic look while lightening the load. These bad boys are among the lightest track hubs on the market and damn affordable. I was just looking for some hubs to lace up a new set of wheels…and these should do! More on All-City


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    June 27th

    These shiny bits came in from Phil Wood yesterday for this weekend’s The GOLDen Sprints. Looks like things might actually come together in time and we won’t be losing our minds last minute. Stoked to have these going home with someone!


    May 23rd

    Looks like Unknown is toying with the idea of getting some hubsets done up with this chameleon colorway. Been seeing a few things here and there popping up in the rad anno color but not usually fixed goods. Tell ’em you like ’em so they’ll make em!


    January 14th

    Victoire quickly made a name for themselves as a company . Their hubs are clean as hell with close attention to detail by design. Threaded, splined, low flange or high the choice is yours. Either way your wheels are going to looks sick 3ith these holding them together. See the whole line up here!


    October 24th

    If you’re looking for something fresh to get you micro gear game on Machete has come to the rescue and dropped their Deaf hubs at last. Like I said before these are some of the nicest looking driver hubs for FGFS on the market. Dope colors and a selectionof 9t or 10t means you can definitely make this work. I’m considering building up a true 26″ freestlye build so I might have to pick one of these up. Get rollin here.

    July 27th

    Unknown just dropped their pretty little 9t driver hubsets and man are they looking sick. These are apparently going to be available with 10t drivers as well sometime next week for those of you looking for options. I’d have to say that these are my favorite of the fixed driver hubs on the market now as the hub body is super clean with no off balance conic shape. Grab a set here!

    June 15th

    The day a lot of you ave been waiting for has finally come. If you’re looking to go micro on your fixed freestyle bike now you can slap a Resist Contact driver hub on and get that baby gear going. I’d jump to the Contact page on Resist asap if you want one as they’re already running low!

    May 11th

    All you’re going to get from me is a photo and a link :)…if you want the scoop hit Zloggy up! Peep the new patented hubs from Radio that are coming out this year. You wanted driver hubs that you could buy separately? Done.


    January 15th

    These are two things ive always wanted…but dont really need. A chub would be nice for a “fast” bike but not so ideal for beating into the ground. The pamys have always looked interesting in their pretty anodized alminum…but im not pretty so no go there either. Maybe ill move to SF, become a model and bomb more hills like i should. Either way both of these were just restocked at the iMiNUSD.



    October 16th


    Comes in 32 and 36 holes. Made in Japan and you know the Japanese make good stuff 🙂

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