• kris
    April 16th

    Fixed Broz have been keeping the track scene fun in Hungary as of late. They’ve been on some epic rides with destinations that lay in ruins…looks like my kind of day. Keep up with them for more good!


    January 28th

    A proper save in this quick one from the Hungary’s Fixed Broz. Dig the city cruisin’ intro and there nothing quite like crank a little crank strike to perk you up in the monrnin’. These guys are on the up and up lately so pop over to their page to keep up!



    March 27th

    Some really good promo work right here for a collabo between Bagaboo and Blind Chic. I’ve posted up some stuff from the Girls at Blind Chic before and really dig what they do. Stuff looks quality always and teaming up with Bagaboo can’t be a bad thing. Peep this bit cruising around Hungary showing off what the two brands have come up with together. Looks solid and will be available at either spot April 15.