• kris
    February 3rd

    Fixed freestyle is still holding strong in the bay with crews like Wheel Talk and Keny Ly’s crew in San Jose. Here’s the latter’s newest bit for iMINUSD showing you around SJ proper with lots of good clips. Digging the quick lines loaded with tricks and that big boy ice ender!



    April 29th

    Cool minute and a half from two recent additions to the iMiNUSD team. Kids got some skills and enough muscle to throw stuff like that last clip. Dig it.



    October 24th

    I remember thinking how perfect this iMiNUSD flick was when it dropped a couple years back. The music and shots just work so well with Kenny‘s style. Helps a bit too that he’s been hitting big boy rails for longer than most. Hands down one of the best dudes around and still killing it.  #billsorbust



    September 16th

    Episode 6 of the iMIiNUSD series has a good chunk of the Anniversary Trick Jam in it and a few things from around SJ. Jimmy Watcha’s double peg bar on the kinker was too sick.



    September 5th

    iMiNUSD and Breezy Excursion are teaming up to celebrate their 4th and 5th anniversaries respectively. I’ll be out of town camping near Santa Cruz this weekend so I might actually be able to catch the trick jam, drag race and general celebration planned for Saturday the 7th. I’ve been a couple times before and can tell you its a day of fun well worth the trek! More on IMD. Peep the event exclusive tee for the event below!


    August 13th

    The crew at iMiNUSD have been busy dropping new clothes on the regular. This new tie dye jam is bound to sell out so grab one quick. Dig the blue/green color on these. Swoop here.


    July 2nd

    The newest set of straps from the collaboration between iMiNUSD and YNOT dropped on friday. This is the fourth version incarnation of their teaming up and the brightest yet. Diggin that neon. Only available here and in store!


    June 20th

    This has been sitting on ice over on the iMiNUSD vimeo for a couple months now. Some good clips from the bay area dudes as they hit some SJ street and a bit of park. Dig these little edits…show how solid the scene is down there.



    June 19th

    Classic styling on the new iMiNUSD shirts seen here on the back of Forest Parker. Staying true to their roots with the track and fgfs tags on there. Get ’em before they’re goneee.


    May 24th

    It’s memorial day weekend which means you can probably score some deals with all the sale going on. IMINUSD is coming through with a 15% of promo for online sales. Hop over and grab some shit!