• kris
    March 30th

    Like Sacramento it’s safe to say Bandung, Indonesia’s bike party has a good mix of different rides. What sets Move the Wheels apart from any other is definitely the trick comp, cold sprints and a bomb looking buffet. Definitely need to get something like this together here!



    June 22nd

    All over the world many are observing the Islamic holiday of Ramadan. For some this means a month long break from spinning at the track while fasting. This proper bit from a day at the track in Jakarta marks the last day of racing for the Jakarta crew…keep up with them in the meantime here!



    February 4th

    All I want to do in life is go on epic bike adventures. Take a trip around Java, Indonesia in this rad solo trip coming from Fixietas. Nothing quite like the sights and scenes from a trip like this one…



    August 31st

    Best way to beat traffic…follow the cops.


    March 1st

    This is some early morning fire right here out of Indonesia. Damn good tricks with style for sure from Galih and Mamad. Sick enough to see a solid Indonesian edit but these dude are getting it. Big ledges, smooth lines…well worth a peep.



    December 30th

    Cool promo flick for Alphalab‘s newest frame offering the Satantrax. A solid look at the frame and some cruising around Indonesia. Bike looks dialed and there’s a hell of a sketchy decent in this. Narrow two wayroad sans bike lane, plenty of traffic and enough people coming at you head on to keep your eyes open. Dig it.


    December 16th

    Always down to throw up some FGFS stuff from other countries. Some cool clips out of Indonesia to get the morning started in the first one.





    Some snappy style and rad spots in this one out of Korea.



    December 2nd

    Some good style in this one for Bamboo Bike out of Indonesia. Tech lines on the stairs at about :40 are too smooth. Dig it.



    February 19th

    I feel like Indonesia is popping off like no other right now. Contest after contest and there’s a bunch of dudes out there killing it. This is a little coverage from the Tangerang trick comp put together by the Alphalabcrew recently. Looks like a damn good time. Someone needs to get a freestyle trip out there again soon!


    February 7th

    Definitely didn’t find enough track stuff today but I just spotted about this that I missed. A little race coverage from EKTA down in Indonesia. Never seen there stuff before but the company makes some rad clothes and puts on stuff like this race. Peep some of the thread here. Looks like a good turnout.