• kris
    March 23rd

    So most of you probably know i dont run straps on my trick bike…and I’ve been running my Sofus Francisco straps on my Bianchi. That being said, when Stephen from Inso hit me up about testing these straps I still wanted to see how they rolled. I like the look of them, the simple design and definitely the price point. He ended up sending me a couple pairs of them that ill be giving to my buddies Jeffrey (Pedal Hard/Eighthinch) and Anthony (whos been filming edits with me lately). They’ll be getting down on them for a bit and ill be snagging flicks and getting feedback from them along the way. Here’s some initial shots of the straps after getting them a couple days ago. I’m pretty impressed with the craftsmanship and look of them. Good stitching, lightweight, no metal bits and a pretty rigid profile that should make getting into them smooth. Jeff has his now and Anthony will be rocking his soon so stay tuned…

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