• kris
    March 10th

    The King of Vegas is easily one of the most notorious of street races of the year. With everyone in town for Interbike and the already congested strip this one can get a bit  hairy. From experience it seems like every bad driver in America decided to go party for the weekend…looks too damn fun!


    January 29th

    After getting a proper camera setup a couple years back this was the first “real” bit I uploaded. Having spent a handful of years in the desert looking at bikes this trip was easily one of my favorites. Words wouldn’t event do it justice. Grabbed these clips as we literally we’re headed for the freeway…still one of my favorites!



    September 22nd

    I was pretty bummed to have to skip this year’s Interbike a couple weeks but luckily a few recap edits have hit the web. This one from SPF has a few clips form the show, a couple of races and a bot of the daily mixed in. After seeing this you can bet I’ll be back at it next year!



    October 9th

    I’ve already said it but I’ll say it again…Chrome owned the floor at Interbike this year. From going above and beyond with their booth setup to making sure everyone was entertained day in day out they definitely brought it. That being said they have a solid recap of the event from their perspective up complete with a handful of photos and a link to the little #ForgedRubber video I put together. Hop over for the full read and all the flicks. See you dudes in 2014!




    October 2nd

    Jereme got his recap of our roadtrip to Vegas for interbike together. Have to say this was one solid group of dudes to travel with and the #2BLOGS1BRAND1DUDETOUR was more than a success. He got a good mix of shenanigans and show stuff in here so sit back and enjoy a look at interbike from the eyes of BHSK. Good shit J!




    September 30th

    It was no surprise that Chrome was once again the place to be at this year’s Interbike…and it wasn’t even because of the free booze. Live music, the best booth in the building and cool stuff like the Forged Rubber machine made it the place to be. I spent a little time getting shots of the process that results in Chrome’s upcoming line of footwear for this little flick. Though these were just samples being played around with the process was in my opinion the best thing to get lost in watching at the show.  Recycled machines, glue less soles and rad idea. I dig it.  Look for the official line to be dropping from the homies at Chrome soon!



    September 25th

    The homie Alex has been coming out to events in Sac for some time now and killing it at others all over. He took first (fixed) at this year’s Vegas Drag, muscled his way into Ride and Style and and still shows up to just about everything he can. He’s here to ride and for a young dude he’s pretty damn motivated. After spending what felt like an eternity in the car to and from Interbike we got to talking about him posting on the blog. He turned me down a while back but jumped at the opportunity to share his race exploits and adventures with everyone. Look for some stuff on the site from him here and there.



    September 24th

    After looking at the Throne Cycles booth for a few days I decided to pop over and chat with them. They had a newer version of their “Track Lord” on display along with the new pursuit  “Supreme”. Dig the tubing choice on this and the display bike was built up proper to give you an idea of what it’d look like dialed it. This is going to be available this Thanksgiving and you might find a sneak peek here in near future!




    September 23rd

    Bombtrack made their debut appearance at Interbike this year and certainly did it right. All sorts of 2014 models on display including an updated Dash with new colors, their Cannondale made Script and their new cyclocross offering the Arise. Digging the new teal/white on the Dash complete and cross is definitely in right now so you can bet you’ll be seeing that beast around. More flicks after the click.




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    September 16th

    Tonight the journey begins for myself and three other rad dudes on our way to Interbike. The show being in Vegas can pretty brutal  but I’m sure Slurpcult, BHSK and Alex Gonzalez will keep the trip entertaining. I’ll be upping all sorts of stuff over the next four days including stuff throughout each day of the show. Stay tuned for a plethora of good this week!