Saturday, January 17th, 2015 12:30 am

Safa Brian: Lucas Brunelle Interview.

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From my introduction to “urban cycling” years back the name Lucas Brunelle has always been a relevant one. After years on the road as a messenger he’s now making two wheeled films full time and traveling to all corners of the world. Personally Lucas is the epitome of a “DIY” lifestyle proving that it’s not what you do but what you love that matters. If you dig a good read there’s a rad interview on Brian Safa‘s spot that goes a bit deeper than the norm go peep!




Tuesday, November 4th, 2014 5:47 pm

11 Questions: Zane Meyer and Bangkok Bound!

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If there’s one dude that’s been at the forefront of fixed freestyle media the past few years it’d have to be Zane Meyer. With his resume spanning an array of video projects I was pumped when he hit me up about his most recent one. After pulling together an epic trip to Bangkok last year he’ll be traveling back and beyond to show his new film Bangkok Bound. I checked in with him last week for a few questions on the project and what’s new in his world…click through for the full read!



1. I got a chance to peep the rough cut of Bangkok Bound and it looks like one hell of a trip. Definitely a wild scene out there and  you had the perfect crew to keep things fun.  What should people expect from this little travel flick?


This edit was a lot fun to put together. Like all my edits, It’s definitely music driven and shows a good amount of “Lifestyle/True Reality. My music choice in this is more psychedelic then what people are used to. Also captured some priceless moments like Steven jumping over a security’s scooter while the security guard was sleeping. Obviously Combs being Combs and having the locals messing around.

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Wednesday, February 5th, 2014 9:37 am

Red Bull: British Stee with Super Ted.

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A really cool inteview over on redbull with Ted James aka “Super Ted”. He’s a wild dude and can shred just about anything on two wheels….usually hand made by the man himself. Hop over to peep some more photos of this rad as hell BMX he whipped up.





…and just for good measure here’s some old school super Ted with Juliet Elliott when he was throwing down on the fixed freestyle bike.




Friday, January 17th, 2014 12:45 pm

TOLA: Rider Profiles.

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Sean over at TOLA has been hard at work sending out some rider profile questions. Was happy to answer what he threw at me and stoked for the opportunity to do a little interview. After seeing some typos I told Sean I needed to proofread…he replied “proof read? #bloggerproblems.” So perfect haha. If you care to read up click over!






Thursday, December 19th, 2013 12:13 pm


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For some time now Pablo Gallardo has been holding down the Brazilian urban cycling scene via Tag and Juice. Dude’s dedicated and always working on projects to help grow bike culture in Sao Paulo. He recently linked up with clothing brand Weird Factory and sat down to talk bikes, inspiration and culture. This is a long one and all with subtitles but well worth a look into another part of the world. Some cool shots in the mix too.



Thursday, November 14th, 2013 12:02 pm

HmmrDwn: Torey Thornton Interview.

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Read this well done Torey Thronton interview over on Hammer Down a few days back. A good read with one of the true originals in fixed freestyle. Cool that he linked up for this after deciding to focus his energy on some other avenues in his life. Dig this and the attached photo by Rick Anderson. Click over for the whole deal!




Monday, October 21st, 2013 2:52 pm

TJ Stevenson: Bike Messenger.

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Interview stuff with messengers makes for some good content more often than not. Fixed gear mantra aside this film school project featuring messenger TJ Stevenson of Ontario is really well done. Filming and editing are on point and the dude has some pretty acurate stuff to say about the job. Dig stuff like this.



Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 10:27 am

Ed Wonka Interview on Dose.

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Some fresh news and a bit of freestyle history from Wonka in this Dose/Network A interview. Looks like GRIME is officially finished and the team minus one member are venturing into a new startup. Devon Lawson and Anthony Combs are packing and rolling to NYC to help get things going before the launch in August. Sounds legit and other points Ed hits in this are solid too. Good watch.



Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013 10:56 am

Interview with Sean Martin of CBNC Cycling.

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Sean Martin and the CBNC team headed up to Portland last week for NACCCs. While stopped for Quake City in SF Alex Tracy got down to business with a little interview and bike check with Sean.


Monday, July 1st, 2013 7:05 pm

11 Questions: Zane Meyer.

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After teaming up with Zane on the Instagram contest we have going UNTIL TOMORROW we decided to drop a little 11 Questions on ya. Haven’t done one in a while and haven’t ever done one with a videographer so I’m pretty stoked on this. Zane’s at the forefront of fixed freestyle right now via his involvement with UVT and the successful Can’t Fool the Youth Series. I know a lot of dudes grew up watching 411 videos on the regular so what the CFTY series has brought to the scene is welcomed. Here’s a look into the brain of Zane Meyer…and don’t forget to jump on the Instagram contest before its too lateee.


(filming Matt Reyes wall 180)


1) How long have you been riding/involved with the scene?


ZANE: I got my first bike in 2009. An SE Lager.


(the early days)


2) After spending time with some of the top riders on issues 1 and 2 what do you see in store for the future of FGFS?


ZANE: FGFS has so much potential. The peak has not hit yet especially seeing these Young Gunz pushing the scene. I have always looked at skateboarding as a great parallel to FGFS. The early 2009 days were our “Dog Town” years trying to figure everything out. Now we are in the early 80′s era of skateboarding. The bikes are dialed now, riders perfecting their style and traeling around the world. Bigger companies are going to come in the next year or two and really put this sport on the map for the world to see. I truly believe some riders will make a career outof this sport.


3) I’m sure you’re stoked on CFTY as a whole but you have to like one section more than the others…which one?


ZANE: That’s hard. I love the griminess of the road trip. Everyone went hard. Friends section is always fun to edit but Devon’s part was my favorite. Slum and I filmed it and Slum put it together really well.


4) Editing video means late nights in front of the computer. Favorite fast food joint at 2AM?


ZANE: No fast food for me. Water and sunflower seeds are usually what I’m eating while editing. Got to get of the seeds…


5) What motivated you to make the jump from just being into bikes to beingdirectly involved in the industry?


ZANE: I have had great opportunities come my way. I have always done the video media for Us Versus Them. James Banuelous introduced FGFS to UVT and was managing the team at the time. When Gus first started riding with us I started filming with him and he introduced me to all the Long Beach riders. James later brought  Steven Jensen on the team and gave me the chance to run it. Day 1 I welcomed Devon Lawson and just recently brought Dew Sippawit on board. Then about a year ago I joined Colby (Elrick) & Corbin (Dahl) to run SKYLMT. Stay tuned for big things coming!


(filming Steven Jensen)


6) Now that issue 2 is under your belt is what can everyone expect to peep in issue 3?


ZANE: Issue 1 i filmed and edited just about everything myself. Issue 2 Matt Reyes, Jeff Dempler, Mike Schmitt and Omar (Sebai) helped film and sent in clips. Issue 3 and future issues from here on out will consist of more footage from different filmers. Issue 3 specifically will have a day in the life section. I’m also looking into doing a photo book for issue 3 with the DVD and Gus’s zine inside.


(Matt Reyes shooting a Jakob Santos double peg for CFTY2)


7) If you make action sports videos you’ve got to have a favorite…drop one or two and why?


ZANE: Favorite videos…I grew up skateboarding so I would say 411 Video Magazine. Loved that format. That’s where a lot of the influence came from for CFTY. Fulfill the Dream and any Girl?Chocolate video.


8) CFTY filled a void for FGFS in my book. What are some overall goals for the series?


ZANE: Thanks! I would say just to keep filming and the culture and lifestyle that surrounds FGFS.


9) I know you’re a busy dude with a lot of projects going. What inspires you to keep pushing forward?


My dad always told me hands are better full than empty. The best inspiration is having creative content in your life. I’m always trying to surround myself with creative people.


10) Any tips for aspiring filmmakers out there looking to get something started?


ZANE: Always have your camera around your neck. A lot of the content in my videos were not planned out but just me capturing reality. I wouldn’t go to film school unless someone is paying you.


11) Shoutouts to the homies?!


Shout outs…so many…My best friends Vanessa has always stuck by me through my highs and lows. Big shout out to the UVT Fam. Every single person in FGFS that is still pushing the sport. Colby, Matt Reyes, Jeff Dempler, Mike Schmitt and Omar for being involved in the last issue!