• kris
    January 24th

    Tracklocross has been big this season and this edit from Mud Max is easily the most “interesting” take on coverage. Safe to say the Italian fixed scene knows how to have fun…




    February 19th

    I’ve been wanting to get this going for a bit now and am excited to present the first #featurefriday with Fabio‘s Dodici Gara here. He rides this primo aluminum build on the streets Milan, Italy and beyond. The Omnilattice setup has become a staple and you can’t go wrong with some wide carbon risers to keep things comfy. Digging the winter backdrop he chose for these shots and can’t wait to keep this series going. Click through for a few more and feel free to drop me a line to have your bike featured for a #featurefriday!


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    January 20th

    Here’s a good look at the newest kits from the pals at Affinity. Team racer Ash Duban rocks the new Endo collaboration as she grabs first at last year’s Red Hook Milano. You can hold it down too by dropping some cash on the pre-order. The logo placement on these is too good!



    January 5th

    Just when I think the media flow from last year’s Red Hook Milano has died down another proper flick hits the web. This one comes from Andrea Fare´and gives you a pretty solid look at how massive the RHC events are these days!



    December 3rd

    Probably a pretty penny to get to Milano for this but it sure does look like a damn fun race. Seems rare for alleycats to look so proper these days so if you’re out that way get to it! More info here


    April 24th

    Haven’t heard of the Italia Veloce dudes for a bit til I spotted this earlier. Custom handmade bikes out of Italy is one thing but when you pair that with sense of the current state of urban cycling you’re sure to be a success. After browsing their site for a bit and peeping the video below it seems like they’ve got it together. Clean yet interesting workspace and that numbering system looks pretty fancy. Dig it.




    October 17th

    John usually has his thumb on the Red Hook coverage and this year was  no different. Off all the stuff that popped up I like this event video the best for sure. Good angles and some crashes keep this interesting…oh and it doesnt hurt that they’re cruisin through Italy either.

    January 7th

    How cool would this be?! Cruising the Dolomites in Italy on a road rig would be rather sweet…then again riding around Italy at all would be cool. Rapha gets some riding in up there with their riders and continues to put out nicely shot and edited videos. Always a enjoyable to watch!

    September 14th

    How awesome would it be to ride this? Id take a trip to the Italian Alps to mess with this any day. Digging the filming and the B&W on this too. Spotted on Fixed Gear Switzerland.

    December 1st