• kris
    September 20th

    My fondness for J’s music goes back a bit to his previous installment…Brother. It’s been a while since he and Nick went their own ways but I still rock the Brother stuff regularly (a video for one of my faves “Trees” is below). Nick is now moving along Religious Girls and Summer Blondes with his counterpart, Jordan, developing simply as “J. Irvin Dally“. J’s stuff is mellow, a little escapist and a lot of real damn good. A few days ago Sacramento’s TErroreyes put up a nice little session of “Blue/Grey” from atop a Sacto stoop. You can grab the 8 song J. Irvin Dally EP Despistado here…its well worth the 5 bucks!

    I’ve also posted another one of Sean’s (TErroreyes) videos below for the above mentioned Religious Girls. Their stuffs real good as well. Check the music section on his site…his videos are quality as are the artists he works with.

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