• kris
    August 21st

    Hell yeah JRuff! Some of the best spots I’ve seen as of late and you know Jacob hits them with his out of the box style. Last line was clutch but I’m noticing that wheelie control more than anything. Dig that hop on 180 off the table and that roll in down the entry was too ill. See those things all the time here in Sac and never had the balls to roll down one. Good shit for BB17.









    January 16th

    Just grabbed this shot of the new Spike Savage bars from the Spike flickr. There was a time when 4 piece bars were on the come up. I remember Mike Schmitt having some made a while back and everyone asking about them. At least I think that happened haha. Anywho these new jawns from Spike look rad. Hit the BB17 flickr for more photos and Spike for the info! Jruff‘s bike be looking all purdy and stuff.

    June 5th

    Jacob getting some solid night riding in on his trip to Taiwan! I’m pretty stoked on this edit. Multiple angles, cool spots and a mix of tricks in another country? Yes please. Jacob repping CSK and Zloggy real proper!