• kris
    December 7th

    Curious what it looks like to ride around Sac? Jake pieced this slow mo edit together of him and the Pedal Hard crew cruising around town. There’s actually a Trick Cat spot in the mix as well. Kind of long but a good watch.


    October 20th

    I went and rode with Jake for the first time in a long time a couple weeks back. We talked about his riding and what he might want to to for the site. Looks like he’s out riding on the regular again and I even see some clips from Jeff in there. Stoked to see this come through!

    June 27th

    Haven’t had the chance to ride with Jake for a bit despite us both living in the downtown area. Sick to see him still shredding and progressing in this one. Looks like a little self filmed stuff at the Powerr Inn park and a real fresh line there at the end. Dig that combo dude!

    March 16th

    Lockedcog ripper Jake Lanich went out and killed some spots with Joe while he was here NAHBS a couple weeks ago. Here’s a sick little edit he threw together for Joe and The Heavy Pedal. This song and clips from Power Inn…deja vu hahaha. Good stuff dudes!

    January 14th

    Little Jake hitting up some of my favorite Sac spots and showing you some real slider business at the end. Sick piece duder.