• kris
    January 15th

    Chris Fonseca always with the surprises. Footage is from a while back but its still chock full of some damn good stuff. Botthby, Santos and few other heavys taking it to spots from the bay to NYC.



    January 9th

    Last year Jakob Santos packed up his bike and hit the road. He made his way all over the country riding with locals and some familiar faces. It’s a long one but there’s definitely plenty of good stuff in the mix. Dig seeing all the spots. Some clips from FOAD and Matt Spencer to look out for too.



    September 23rd

    Some new stuff from Jakob and its safe to say he went in on this. That combo double to oppo feeb at 1:16 was my favorite but those rail lines were rad too. Not too many people hitting two rails in a row like its nothing!

    September 4th

    Jakob joined the American Icon family not too long ago and has a welcome edit in the works. Until then enjoy this quick commercial shot by Colby Elrick of a beach side double peg bar. Looked too easy.



    August 12th

    Going to get a little event recap up a bit later but wanted to get some photos up from this weekend’s Summer Fix down in Venice Beach. Was stoked on the timing of Boothby and Santos in this shot from the main event. Both these dudes were trying to get these tricks at the same time and we’re definitely going for it. Josh pulled this long uprail tooth over just as Jakob was popping a lofty wall in the backrground.


    July 19th

    Pretty sure this some of the first footage from when Jakob Santos made the switch to “26 wheels. This was also back when firecrackers were the jam…pretty sure everyone in Big Money Hustlaz had one in their section. The one at :36 is legit coming out of that feeble.



    June 11th

    Was pretty stoked to find out that Jakob is the newest addition to the SKYLMT crew when Colby sent this through last night. Santos is one of the biggest supporters of the scene and a real OG. Can’t wait to see what he brings to the table on that new ride.



    April 23rd

    Jball and Jakob have been out filming a lot these days and by the looks of it Santos has been putting in work. Here’s a nice lengthy one for Spike with all they caught. Lots of good clips in the mix with my favorite being the last two. Double to crook looked mean and that rail super bumpy. Watch this one a couple times. Good shit dudes.




    April 3rd

    BB17 upped this shot of Jakob doing it big for the Spike brand. The setup and lighting on this are dope. Makes the ad pop for sure. More on the Spike spot!


    February 4th

    Santos hit up the bay area and slapped this bit together. Solid stuff as usual from Jakob and some rad stuff from Coward in here. Parks look sick and those last two clips look real good. Pretty big ass gap up to that quarter. I dig.