• kris
    March 16th

    Heading to NAHBS this year Russia’s JAM Bicycles Hyperspace was one bike we knew we had to snap. From the killer custom paint to the homegrown Raketa parts this thing is more than drool worthy. Click through for the details on this bad boy!




    JAM 1 -1 Read More….

    May 31st

    There hasn’t been epic fixed freestyle jam for some time now and the Prickly Pear jam hit this one on the head. Awesome to see the amount of time and work from everyone that went into bringing back a staple of the freestyle scene to the heart of the desert.  With the support and progression seen at Prickly you can bet there will be a push for more events like these over the summer. Props to Mike at Turf for chopping this one down into a proper edit…



    November 24th

    A couple weeks back a mob of kids took to the streets of Oakland for Ed Wonka’s “Harness the Gnarness“. A handful of killer street spots dotted around Lake Merritt made for the perfect jam setup. I only grabbed some of the action so this is just a teaser of what’s headed to the Wheel Talk dudes for the real deal…more this week!




    Deathgrips : Voila


    March 22nd

    Matt posted up a slew of photos from last weekends Woodward West gathering. This looks like it was absolutely ridiculous and I’m bummed I missed it! So many god flicks over on Recfail that I’m only going to post a couple here. You seriously need to go peep the rest

    The crew…

    Joe Mckeag three to fakie…

    Jonathan Davis tuck no gap…

    March 14th

    Some of this was in the Ninja Cats bit that I posted but man is there more to be seen. In its fifth installment the Pegless Jam looks like a damn good time. That 180 in the beginning is looking pretty massive and Sols hop over is pretty epic still. Check this one if you haven’t!