• kris
    January 11th

    Some real good freestyle coming out of Thailand from Jaoa and the Black Sunday crew. Some definite bike control from Baz here plus plenty of solid camera work to back it up!


    July 22nd

    Jaoa put together a reel of clips from his first trip to the US last year. He was here on an extended stay and got a lot done for projects like Can’t Fool the Youth. Good vibes with a few dope tricks mixed in…


    March 17th

    Been having a hard time keeping up with all the  Wheel Talk posts these days. Whether it’s flicks of Jaoa from recent trips to Japan or a 35mm of Ed in last weeks SF fire there’s a ton of good stuff going up. Hit their spot for a bunch more good!



    October 15th

    Destroy dudes took a trip down to Southern California before Jaoa heads back to Thailand. This thing came together real well making for a good seven minute watch with Jaoa, Racho and a few things from some of the dudes down south. So good all the way through. Favorite clip? Probably that bar wheelie gap feeb from Valentin.





    February 7th

    Same footage but remixed. I’m down for that considering how good this Jaoa Zontrac bit was the first time around. Check this again. That feeble nollie bar just looked too easy.