• kris
    December 22nd

    Few places have looked so enticing to travel to as Osaka and this bit from Devour makes it look fun as ever. Haven’t been posting much freestyle stuff but this ones is too good a mix not to share!



    September 21st

    Teppei has long been one of the smoothest fixed freestyle riders and still holding it down on 700c to boot. Easily my favorite edit of his with the bench walk leg-over skid and some smooth pegless grinds. Fast skids still too on point as well and I always dig a good look at Fukuoka city spots…not to mention great work on the edit from Devour!


    March 14th

    Night vibes in Japan with WIP featuring their Night Rider reflective cap. Daylight savings may have just hit here in the states but there’s still plenty of darkness to be had…


    January 23rd

    Teppei had been holding is down on the freestyle front for years with help from rad brands like SAG. Here’s a quick one of him out and about in Japan getting down on some two and four wheel tricks. Smooth style as always…


    October 25th

    Can always count on Devour for quality coverage from Japan and this MASH premiere bit surely fits the bill. A good turnout looks to have made for a proper day celebrating one of the best fixed flicks to drop in years!



    October 5th

    Steadfast crew with some fresh stuff out of Sapporo, Japan! Been seeing quite a bit of street riding again as track bikes make a move back to the urban environment. Always stoked on a glimpse into other scenes around the world. Hit Steadfast to stay up on these dudes!


    September 3rd

    Always stoked on a glimpse into Japan’s fixed freestyle scene especially when it’s a fresh as this. Some real tech control from Tadashi here with some proper rails in the mix. Those wheelie tire tap 180s are too perfect…



    January 26th

    Team Terrible‘s Japan squad taking you through the streets of Tokyo. Keep up with the overseas dudes and all their fun on the streets here!


    December 19th

    Even when I’m busy with all sorts of projects I know I can always chill out for a bit on the freestyle bike. Having skate for years there will always be something about learning new tricks or just getting loose. Tsukasa from Froots is the most recent addition to the Concept fgfs team with which I also reside. A cool build video with some proper sliders and other tricks sprinkled in…dig it!


    December 11th

    Osaka is one of those dudes that’s always worth watching shred the freestyle bike. He goes all in and has some proper bike control to make this one of the better edits I’ve seen in a minute. The linked lines in here are too good…especially those last two. Dig this!