• kris
    October 27th

    A cool new line from State Bicycle a la the Rider Signature Series. Each month they’ll be picking one of their crew to feature a rider inspired jersey and matching bottle. Jason Clary is up first and got a little scary with it being Halloween season. If you swoop one of the first 50 of these you’ll snag the matching bottle for free. Hit ’em up here if you’re looking for some new threads!


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    April 14th

    When it comes to street style on a track bike Jason Clary is one dudes that’s got more than most. He’s been holding it down for years now whipping around SF with dudes like Colin Arlen helping document the good times. They did just that with this new bit for State Bicycle Co. Definitely nailed it.



    December 1st

    Caught this rad sequence of State‘s Jason Clary snapped by Michael Sanders. Not too often that you see a sequence shot from this angle or of someone bombing on a track bike. Looks rad.


    September 13th

    Cool to see some rider themed giveaways hitting the web and this one from Boombotix and Jason Clary could have you riding a new State setup. Click over to the official contest page for more info and Jason’s rider page to keep up. Solid contest.



    June 19th

    Jason’s been pretty busy since his second Ride and Style win last month. He’s repping State and Boombotix with this signature JC Boobot Rex. More here.


    June 26th

    Looks like Jahrome form Mashafix has a little video project he’s been working on. Stoked to see some hill bombing in the city again and who better to do it than Jason? Real sick teaser right here for what’s to come!

    April 25th

    Peeped these shots of Jason’s custom paint LDG on the Macaframa bloggy just now. This is the whip you’ll see him on this weekend at Ride and Style. I’ve always had a soft spot for fade paint jobs…rocked a few myself. Looks clean!