• kris
    December 17th

    Some 2013 fire out of the Wheel Talk compound with the one and only Jeffy D. All kinds of tech wheel/grind combos in here plus a bit of creativity with stuff like that double peg foot 180 ender. 180 both way on that feeble line and the feeb 180 off that round rail was too dialed. Dig it.



    March 11th

    Shots like this are some of my favorites…pure style. This is the kind of shit you hit when you’re out just cruising around and Jeffy D makes it looks good. Cant get much more whip of a curb cut. More on Wheeltalk.


    August 15th

    Jeffy D upped this summer jam and made my day. Ha. Soe seriously good riding in this and it had been far too long since something from Jeff. Lots of lines in here with a creative use of some spots. That wheel to nosie and icy dice were sick. You know I dig the black and white touch too. Sick!

    August 8th

    Here’s some good stuff from out the Wheel Talk compound. First up is a sick flick of Jeffy D hitting a double at a spot where him and Matt learned how to ride.

    And we have this bike check from Jeffy of his girl Stephanie. Sick to see more girls getting into the sport!

    July 31st

    Here’s one Matt posted up of Jeffy D blasting out off this 8 at SJSU. He definitely hit the nail on the head in saying stuff like this wrecks his wrists…I sure know it does mine. Jeff is getting pretty floaty in this. Sick shot.