• kris
    April 3rd

    When the Jeffs were in town for the Velogold Crit a couple weeks back I took the opportunity to snap some flicks of their bikes before they rolled on their way home to Denver. This Super Pista is Jeff Morris ride that he won the last two Sacramento crits on so you know its dialed. Click through for the whole build to see what he’s rolling with. Stoked to have him on here as part of the web crew covering track stuff…about time we get some flicks of his bike up!



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    March 22nd

    I was going to leave this for Jeff to post but I’m pretty sure he’s either on his way here to Sac or already here and out riding. He was out there for this…considering he lives “out there”…so he’ll have more on the King of Colfax event for us. Until then peep this bit from Dust Mite Films. A bunch of people showed up for this lets hop the Velogold Crit here is Sac this weekend pops off just as well.