• kris
    June 5th

    Jeff Dempler put together a little install video showing what’s good with the new Destroy cranks. A couple clips at the end there for ya but this is another really good look at these bad boys.



    November 25th

    Chances are if you love riding bikes you tried to get out as much as you could these past few days of freedom. Looks like Matt and the Wheel Talk crew did just that and put together this banger of a Thanksgiving edit. I remember this spot from edits yearssss ago dudes. Matt and Jeffy with a bunch of god hits in this…and a kitty. Gotta love the cat!


    September 8th

    I got to see this two weeks at the Man Up! I was so stoked to see Jeffy on the Destroy team. A good mix of stuff in here from Jeff so youll dig it.