• kris
    April 28th

    TURF got a good one when they scooped up Jimmy Watcha a while back. He’s been out putting in some work and after a recent tease  with his Fast 15 the crew dropped this bit of gold on us. Old and new footage linked together for a few solid minutes of freestylin’ tha should have you itching to let loose. That last clip was straight murder!






    April 7th

    Turf’s Word is Bond premiered this past weekend in SF and is headed to SJ this weekend for its final live showing. Hoping to swing by to peep it before it hits the web for free next week! Here’s a few screen caps from Jimmy Watcha’s part in the flick…I’ve seen it already and hot damn does this kid rip. More on Wheel Talk


    March 6th

    Leftovers or not this is some good stuff from Jimmy Watcha. He’s got bike control for days and it shows with the mix of tech and textbook in here. Footplants in the mix with handrails and grind combos. Must peep.



    December 11th

    Some super dope shots from Dave Beard and a recent filming sesh for the upcoming Turf Bikes flick “Word is Bond”. Jimmy putting down a solid bar off this dock and over the rail. Hit Dave’s spot for more!



    October 7th

    Damn this is some fire right here from Jimmy Watcha for Unknown. Big rails, solid lines and a bar out of just about anything you can think of. This ones worth a couple watches for sure.

    February 5th

    Jimmy has been putting in work lately so this is legit. A good mix of park and street as he joins the iMiNUSD fam. Footplant 180s for the winnn.



    December 21st

    Watcha’d this yesterday but didn’t get it up. Not too much freestyle on the webz today so check it. Jimmy is getting real good real quick. I always try riding through injuries…he knows what’s good haha.