• kris
    March 5th

    After posting that Johnathan Davis B Roll yesterday I couldn’t help but track down some older stuff. This is over a year old and still shits on a lot of edits. Super good mix of weridy stuff, rails and some hefty gaps…exactly what I think of when I think of FGFS. Can’t go wrong with some Electric Wizard either. Rewatch before you go rideee.


    March 4th

    I remember talking to JD about edits and shit like that when he was up here for EPIC. He said something to describe what media in FGFS should be that stood out in my head…meat and potatos. Made sense and fits whats happening in freestyle right now with a push to make things more legit. Basically stack footage and put in work. When you do that you end us with B Roll like this that has stuff better in in than most edits. Shits sick.



    November 2nd

    I popped over to SE after finishing up JC edit and spotted some cool flicks of JD in the Halloween spirit. Here’s one of his spooky double peg and there’s more on Patrick Taber’s flicky.