• kris
    August 15th

    Posted this one up one of Jonah the instagram but not the blog. One of the best clicked Xs I’ve seen from last weekend’s Bills or bust contest. Kids got style for sure.



    April 4th

    I’ll take a threebie form Jonah to start of the freestyle stuff today. There’s actually more than that in this and that’s a good thing because all the clips are damn decent. 180 bars are dialed and that first spot looks fucking amazing.


    February 11th

    I dig this style of filming and editing tricks together. Ive actually been doing this in some edits ive been working on lately too. Gives you a cool perspective having a bunch of angles that’s almost 3d. Way better than just an alternate.



    January 31st

    Kessel and Winawer with a little quicky and some bonus bits. Caution tape combos are sick. Extras at the end are lulz. “Everyone have a great day.” Ha.



    September 18th

    Mike Met up with little Jonah recently to grab a few flicks at a local park. Those exercise things he’s blasting off of are super fun to play around on. Some big air in these shots for sure. Good shots Mike.