• kris
    January 22nd

    Bangkok Bound is live! Zane just upped the full length from laster year’s epic trip to Bangkok. The sections of this have been leaking onto the internet the past week but have been stitched together for the real deal. Sit back and take a trip with some of the best dudes on the freestyle scene!


    September 25th

    Some proper clips from this trip to Woodward West with the Josh Boothby and Josh Silva. Haven’t seen anything from Silva for a while and this stuff in here it damn good. Boothby holding it down with some long lines and a juicy hand plant over the spine.



    April 30th

    Probably the best event teaser ever coming for this year’s Ride + Style. Watch Red Bull rider Josh Boothby bounce around a virtual world of ramps collecting coins and defeating “the boss”. Pretty damn cool concept on this one…see y’all May 10th in San Francisco!


    January 15th

    Chris Fonseca always with the surprises. Footage is from a while back but its still chock full of some damn good stuff. Botthby, Santos and few other heavys taking it to spots from the bay to NYC.



    January 8th

    Looks like Boothby and Dave Beard have been out putting in some work lately. Dialed ice through this tree gap is too dialed and there’s a few more over on Dave’s spot. Good work from both these dudes as usual.


    December 19th

    JBall reposted up his 3:30 yesterday and got a few people talking. Looks like there’s going to be some new episodes on the way from some heavy hitters. Until then here’s a few of my favorites so far!









    November 5th

    It might be safe to say that Josh is doing the most in fixed freestyle lately. With a sponsor like Red Bull keeping him on the move its no surprise he’s touring college campuses in one of their rigs showing people what’s good with FGFS. Here’s a little flick of that recent solo tour he went on complete with an ice cream close up. Was hoping there would be more trick footage in here but this made for a dope lifestyle piece…even with the ghost pour at 1:29 haha.


    September 27th

    Colby shot me a link to this long b roll flick of Boothby he upped today. Some alternate angles, bails and funny clips this long collection of stuff that didn’t quite make the cut. Some good stuff in here for sure.



    August 19th

    Caught a set of Boothby and his ride while down at Summer Fix a couple weekends back. SE still offers the Primetime so its no surprise that Josh may still be riding around on the model named after him. Unknown top load looks sick and Thickslicks front and back keep it rolling smooth. Full gallery after the jump.


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    August 12th

    Going to get a little event recap up a bit later but wanted to get some photos up from this weekend’s Summer Fix down in Venice Beach. Was stoked on the timing of Boothby and Santos in this shot from the main event. Both these dudes were trying to get these tricks at the same time and we’re definitely going for it. Josh pulled this long uprail tooth over just as Jakob was popping a lofty wall in the backrground.