• kris
    October 17th

    I love taco bell. When Noah sent this over to  me yesterday I was stoked ha. The dudes are running a little contest that could land you a new set of wheels handbuilt by them! You’ve got the rest of the of the month to drop  a photo of your garbage wheels on the Eighthinch Facebook page for a chance to win some Julians or Buellers. I’ve ridden them both to the ground and can tell you that you won’t be disappointed.

    September 22nd

    Eighthinch is running a nice little sale on their popular Julian wheels. You can pick your rim, spoke and hubs from their selection and get them shipped right to you! They do need to be built up but man that’s a pretty damn good price for some solid wheels. I rode multiple pairs of the V2 Julians for about a year on trick and fast bikes. They’re triple walled and 42mm deep making a strong wheel for just about anything! Jump over to Cycling Closeouts to get your bidness togetherrr.

    August 17th

    Eighthinch is only 200 peeps away from reaching the next level in their Likeathon contest on Facebook. Right now its $15 coupons and a V3 Scrambler up for grabs…but if they hit the 3000 mark it’ll be a $20 coupon and a V3 frameset and Julians heading out the door. Head here for the details and how to get in on this before it ends this week!

    August 6th

    The dudes at Eighthinch are looking for some friends…or “likers” to be exact. From now till August 20th they want everyone and their mom (or dad, or puppy, of gerbil) to hop on their facebook and “like” them. As the number of people tracking them on facebook grows so do the chances of winning some real solid stuff. Coupon codes will be given out for multiple goals as well as a drawing with prizes that get sweeter to more everyone gets into it! Theyre at just under 2000 fans right now with the first goal being just that. Heres the deets from the official contest page:

    “We currently have about 1,750 Facebook “Like-ers” but we want more. Here is what we are offering in return. From now until August 20th, 2010 at 11:59PM CST if we hit:

    * 2,000 Fans = All of our facebook fans get a $10 Coupon code plus a chance to win a pair of Tessa Wheels in any color!
    * 2,500 Fans = $15 Coupon code plus a chance to win a Scrambler V3 Frameset in any size/color
    * 3,000 Fans = $20 Coupon code plus a chance to win a Scrambler V3 Frameset and a pair of Julian V2 Wheels!
    * 3,500 Fans = $30 Coupon code plus a chance to win a complete Scrambler V3 Bicycle- customized by the winner!
    * If for some reason we get 5,000 fans before August 20th at 11:59PM CST- we will publish a coupon code good for $50 off any EighthInch purchase over $100 PLUS we will give away the very first Butcher Fixed Gear Freestyle bike- before they are even released in September!”

    The butcher looks fresh ;)…so lets get to 5000 so someone can get it home! I posted photos of all the potential prizes below…Ready. Go.

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    September 21st

    Talk about getting solid. Eighthinch just got these beasts in and are waiting on a couple more colors to arrive shortly. I reviewed their 32h Julians a couple weeks ago and couldnt be happier with ’em. If the 32h pattern can take stairs gaps spins and hops these should be pretty much indestructible. Oh, and non-machined sidewalls on this newest model as well. Hopefully i’ll have a little bit more about these in the coming weeks. Grab em here

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