• kris
    January 13th

    New stuff from Jun and crew…always dig the Flat Fix stuff!

    May 9th

    Still love seeing things like this. I have a feeling that fixed freestyle is going to get to a point where the “trick track” type tricks and the bmx influenced stuff will mold together. It happened in skateboarding so why not!

    March 11th

    Jun coming through with another nice view of fun with friends. He had something else up on his vimeo yesterday…but it was quickly pasword protected so i took it down…maye thatll be up again here soon too!

    January 3rd

    Make sure you keep up on Flat Fix this year…Jun is sure to deliver some good stuff for sure!

    December 31st

    The brick wall ride spots are killer! And i just realized that should i ever want to ride a 26” frame fixed, it probably wont work. Im too damn tall! More flat fix.

    December 22nd

    December 11th

    November 29th

    Some smooth style. Those turn falls are killer!

    October 14th

    Good vibes all the way around…fun with friends. Thats what matters.

    September 15th

    I always love the quality of the videos Jun puts out…

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