• kris
    March 22nd

    With all the rain we’ve been getting and is scheduled to roll through we could definitely use a spot like this in Sac. Jun with a nice chill sesh hiding out in Yokohama.

    October 25th

    Still stoked to see this when it comes together! Jun has been slipping out snippets for this for a while so im sure theyre putting in work.

    July 26th

    Another preview of the coming Flat Fix video. Ive always like the videos that Jun puts out…good feel to them for sure.

    July 10th

    All videos today probably. Feeling real lazy :)…we shall see though!

    A little preview of whats to come from Jun and the peeps in Flat Fix. I love watching video from around the world…just real neat to see what other people are out doing on these bikes! Crazy looking 26 in there…

    July 2nd

    Some fresh fun from Jun!

    June 23rd

    Fresh stuff from Jun at Flat Fix!

    May 1st

    Nice spring edit from the Flat Fix dudes…see on prolls.

    March 13th

    Heres the bit that jun put up a couple days ago…then took down haha. Check more of his stuff out on his blog.

    March 11th

    Jun coming through with another nice view of fun with friends. He had something else up on his vimeo yesterday…but it was quickly pasword protected so i took it down…maye thatll be up again here soon too!

    February 17th