• kris
    May 13th

    If you’ve been waiting for the new Leader Kageros to hit home base they’ve arrived! Pedal Consumption has the most recent take on the Kagero stocked and ready to ship. Pop over for more photos and all the deets!




    September 22nd

    Drew from The Fixed Life sent through a few rad photos of the Motoreen Kagero he snapped while tripping in London. The paint on this thing is too clutch…hit TFL for a handful more!


    September 2nd

    Angel here goes through bikes faster than shoes yet everything he puts together is nothing short of on point. His most recent toy is this 2011 Kagero built up proper from the Dura Ace hubs to the well loved 75’s. Interested to see how it looks after a few months of working on it ’cause for a 4 year frame this thing is still sparkly…


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    August 29th

    Finished out the day with a few photos of my dude Angel’s rad Kagero. Running out the door for some night strollin’ more this weekend!


    May 23rd

    STAY GOLD motion pictures put together this awesome edit with some clipped in fixie fun around town and hilarious stuff on a trick setup. Great advertising and filmed and put together very well!

    January 13th

    Just caught these up on PC and are they looking nice. I liked the last model a lot but I’m thinking I like the blue on this first one  way  more. So clean.  Yellow accents make these pop just enough. Grab one of these right here!

    April 12th

    So I’ve kind of become a hoarder of bags as of late. I’ve been forcing myself to get rid of ones I don’t use to make way for fresh bits. I’m also a sucker for backpacks like the Kagero roll top here from Blaq. Looks well designed and real functional for carrying all your goodies. Patrick is making some fresh goods these days!