• kris
    January 13th

    Greg and I had time today to meet up for a few quick photos in between runs. While he munched away on a burger I grabbed a few of his dialed Karma in yet another of the grimy Sacramento alleys. We didn’t have time for all the details so this is a bit of a teaser until the full dealio is ready!


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    Chris Yang
    October 11th

    Been always digging the street build on a track bike and this time my man Norman demonstrated the real deal of street style! Breakbrake 17 Karma street build and style had been marked in evevryone’s heart since Alex bombing streets with that! Great to see the spirit is still alive! Homie got some good tastes  choosing Factory 5 chainring, Velocity rims and a huge wide handlebar in order to have more stable controls on the street! And that Chub is damn awesome too…always enjoy this Karma build!



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    Chris Yang
    April 5th

    Last week I was so stoked to borrow this awesome new Karma 2015 build from Nest Burger restaurant and snap some shots on it!! The new version is definitely one of the hottest framestes in the market this year. Dark grey, low profile paint job with the shiny pink color makes 2015 Karma look even better than the old ones! Diggin’ that new head tube logo too! Also comes out with the gorgeous Factory 5 chainring, Deda drops, Thomson components……dope build for sure!!



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    June 27th

    BB17 is dropping another rad track frame with their aluminum Karma track. Three colors available including the grey thats been posted for a bit plus the recent black/purple below and clear/yellow which I’ve yet to see. Sure it looks awesome with the accented raw aluminum. More on BB17.