• kris
    November 20th

    Sick to see a camera company out at a fixed freestyle event offering some support and coverage. Haven’t really seen anything from iON but this bit from the recent Keep It Trick Jam is pretty solid.




    October 21st

    Keep it Trick Jam recap out of Japan. Always cool to see some freestyle comp footage from around the world. Wall 180 at the end was dialed.


    June 21st

    Keep It Trick is coming up in just a couple weeks so TD and Gwang cruised Seoul for a little trailer.  Its not a street comp despite some rad clips and spots in here. Xgames park will go off again im sure so be on the lookout for more after the jam!






    July 25th

    I’d say this is pretty proper for an event video. Quick clips of the riders, some chill shots and upbeat tunes to pull it all together. Looks like Keep it Trick Jam went off this year. No surprise considering how big it is now and what a cool spot that is to have it at!

    June 4th

    Really neat trailer for the Keep It Trick Jam this year in Seoul. Wouldn’t be surprised to see some heads out there from the states. VM Project always delivers some good stuff…not surprised!