• kris
    April 29th

    Judging by Teket’s words on Bmore Fixed there’s more to this trick than what you can see in the flicks. Regardless I see a hefty wallie that Sam took a nasty spill on trying to catch.  Have to wait til we can catch some video of it but looks sickkk. Dig that hop grabber below too. Check Keith’s flickr for more good from the day.



    April 16th

    Always into some fresh Bmore stuff. These dudes are constantly out hitting some of the sickest spots and making sure they document it. They went out over the weekend to hunt for some fresh spots and Keith came away with this rad set of flicks. Colin blasting this stair bump gap and Sams gap threader are two of my favorites but hop over to peep the whole set. Judging by how nasty some of the spots look lets hope flicks are the only thing the dudes came away with! Ha.