• kris
    November 18th

    After the success of their Magnetica haulers the fine people at YNOT bring us this little guy. The Magnetic Keychain uses the same auto locating clip system to ensure that unlocking your world is easy and reliable. Using the belt loop and or a ring to attach to your favorite bag, your keys are never far off. They’ve already surpassed their fundraising goal to get these off the ground but you can still jump in for some sweet deals!

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    January 28th

    Stoked to get these sweet keychains yesterday from Colby and Corbin at SKYLMT. Theyve been putting in lots of work this year dropping new stuff and theres some rad things coming. A few of which youll probably see on here. The trans engraved chain is my favorite though that wood is pretty classy. Stay on SKYLMT for more.