• Chris Yang
    January 6th

    Constantine Bikes from Korea has been out there promoting their brand for a long time! Their vibes in all the videos are just outstanding. Recently they’re posting the new trick track video featuring their rider Daniel Mateus. Super smooth and chill mood. Head to Constantine website and peek more beautiful bikes!



    Chris Yang
    September 26th

    I’ve been knowing my Korean dude Jack for some time now and recently the dude is getting crazier on his ride! Changing from Cinelli Parallax to his new track machine Low Bicycles Track Standard, the color is the same as Massan’s Low. Speaking frankly, Low Bicycles may not be the best track frame or the most expensive frame in the world, however, it’s always fascinating and worth looking at! I guess people who love those kind of aggressive style and SF scene would dig into this masterpiece from Andrew! Stoked to see Jack bombing around Seoul!


    Pics by Rex



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    Chris Yang
    June 10th

    First of all, I got to be honest that I never though I would go to Korea since I’m not very in fond of K Pop and eating spicy food. However, after this travel, it becomes one of my favorite countries to travel again! From 6/3-6/8, me and my homies went to participate in their 10th King Of Track velodrome and crit races. It was really exciting and fun to watch this kind of intensive level of race! But what made me feel so good was the atmosphere of the whole event. It’s like a combination of casualty and seriousness! Met Paolo Bravini and some other guys of Team Cinelli Chrome and saw some dudes of Leader Bikes crushing the races and got podium in almost every single one. It’s also great to meet some new Korean dudes at the event and the Home Bike bikes shop. The event was just extraordinary and I certainly look forward to seeing it grow up!


    After 6/6, it’s a independent trip for Morgan and I. With the help of Jack and Lee Seung Hyeon, we were able to see the beauty of Seoul, the city, the streets, the culture, the food and so forth! Riding in Seoul was not as easy as we thought…some roads were just too rough but yet overall…it’s a great city to have some fun and ride! Time was limited, our trip was narrowed down but this won’t be our last time in Seoul! A short, casual documentary can be seen here on Track Or Trick fan page!






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    March 24th

    Constantine Bikes took to the streets of Seoul, Korea for their latest promo piece spotlighting their current track line. They’ve definitely been on the up and up with their media as of late and this look at their hometown is rad. Pop over to check their whole line and stay on their instagram for daily bits to chomp on.




    July 20th

    Korea’s King of Track event is about as official as can be. The amateur track race hosted by Track Bike Club looks like a hell of a day doing laps!



    November 14th

    A good mix of styles in this new freestyle bit from the SFG crew down in Korea. It’s rare to see full team edits like this and these dudes deliver.


    May 29th

    Freestyle flick out of Korea with Na Kiwon and the Alive crew. Lots of good spots out that way so you know there’s some decent clips in the mix. Steep ass ledge looking super sketch!



    December 16th

    Always down to throw up some FGFS stuff from other countries. Some cool clips out of Indonesia to get the morning started in the first one.





    Some snappy style and rad spots in this one out of Korea.



    November 20th

    Sick to see a camera company out at a fixed freestyle event offering some support and coverage. Haven’t really seen anything from iON but this bit from the recent Keep It Trick Jam is pretty solid.




    October 28th

    Looks like the Keep It Trick Jam was a success despite a bit of downpour out of the gate. Spot Seoul covering things well as usual with a bit of the rainy day footage and the real deal redo. Good trick footage but I really dig the idea of the races around the park. Looks rad.